Tom Fredricks
Republican for Alabama House District 4

Tom's Platform

The Issues

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We must continue to build and maintain our roads and bridges so that we can attract new companies to our area, relieve traffic congestion in high traffic areas, and make our roads safer.

As State Representative I will put Morgan and Limestone County on the top of the Governor’s list for road projects, and advocate for a new bridge between Decatur and Limestone County so that we can grow into our economy.


We must continue to improve and diversify our education so that we can give our children the opportunity they deserve. We must continue to focus on STEM subjects, but also focus on growing trade programs within our K-12 programs.

Entrepreneurship is the self-starters guide to the American dream, and the driving force that makes small business owners continue to pursue their passion for business. I believe we should introduce entrepreneurship to students in the classroom so that they can pursue the American dream, and make North Alabama stronger.

Jobs & Employment


As State Representative, improving Alabama’s ability to recruit and maintain industry will be my priority. By improving our infrastructure and education, we will be able to attract the best companies in the world.

We must continue to leverage our resources to create an environment that is suitable to grow our economy. I-65 and the Tennessee River is our open door to the rest of the world, allowing district 4 to compete in the global economy.

Lower Taxes


For businesses and families to thrive, Alabama must keep taxes low. Money belongs to the businesses and individuals who earn it, and higher taxes discourage investment and reduce opportunities for growth. If we want to keep our communities growing, we must spend our money the way we want to spend it

Low taxes is the only real check on encouraging small, limited government.

Individuals and businesses spend money more productively than the government spends money.