Tom Fredricks
Republican for Alabama House District 4

Tom's Corner

Opinions, musings, and discourse by Tom.

Truth vs. Politics...

Politics.  It's all about manipulation, alliances, and reciprocity.  You scratch my back, I'll scratch is all too often a caustic environment that requires intelligence, integrity, resolve, and above all...experience to avoid the manipulative abuses of money and power that often lead to favoritism, acquiescence to negative influences, and even criminal corruption.

We can break the cycle.  Let's put forth elected officials who aren't career driven or politically motivated, who have a proven ability to affect the world around them for good.  Let's find people who don't necessarily need a job, or worse, a career, but are willing to take that mantle for the people they represent...ALL of the people they represent.  They aren't easy to find, but when one presents himself to his electorate, it is incumbent on that electorate to engage the election process and put that man forward.

Folks...I am that candidate.

And in House District 4, there is a chasm...a resentment and a divide between the urban and rural constituents that is disturbing and unhealthy.  Some have chided me as an "outsider" with no roots.  Well, I have been transplanted by virtue of my "not from around here" education, to the place I now call home, and I have lived here longer than my opponent has been alive.  I may be transplanted, but I assure you, I am heavily rooted and vested in this community, it is home.  I have the unique opportunity here to bring consistency and equal representation to the 4th district, understanding full well the needs of both rural and urban entities, and postured to serve the residents of Decatur, Priceville, Somerville, Madison, and the entirety of the unincorporated portions of Limestone and Morgan Counties within the district  uniformly, and fairly.

Folks, I am that candidate.

I concede that I am different.  I am affable and approachable, yet resolute and capable when necessary.  I have the character, the drive, and the will to give of my time and ability to serve, effectively, and without reproach,  and that makes me different.

I am who I am.  I wear no pretense.  That also makes me different.

And I have the desire and drive to look beyond my own well compromise my luxury and comfort, to suffer the abuses and criticisms that political exposure brings...especially when hard issues are fought and the status quo gets challenged.  I have the desire and drive to engage our political true and genuine representation for every single man, woman, and child within the district, and should I fail, or stagnate in that task, I will take my leave...and that, my friends, is profoundly different.

If you are ready for different, I am that candidate.

They say that truth will set you free...

Jesus coined this phrase in John chapter 8.  In this context, Jesus challenged the superstitions and fears of his own people, and offered a freedom and peace that only His truth could bring.

In the psychological realm, and in areas of addiction or therapy, the phrase implies that denial is a constraint that does not bring peace or healing until the truth is acknowledged.

Intellectually, truth is the end result of rightly dividing borrowed thought, observable data, personal experience, and objectivity.

In politics...truth is nothing more than perception.  If you say something enough times, it becomes "the truth."


What do we want?  If we want to hide from the truth and preserve the status quo, we can.  If we want to keep putting career minded groomed politicians in public office, we can.  If we want to continue on idle and complacent...pretending we are affecting change and improvement in the way we govern ourselves...we can.

Or we can embrace our nation's origins, where diverse men of conviction and resolve reconciled the complexities of governance into something unique and profound, standing the test of time, but reliant on future generations to seek similar men of conviction and resolve to carry on in a spiritually, psychologically, intellectually, and politically evolving world.

In 1776, the truth set us ALL free...

It still can.  Politics can be an honorable endeavor.

Be bold.  Be different.  Elect worthy candidates with not only the desire, but the ability to effectively serve every constituent of the district and preserve the truths and values put forth in the Constitution.

Folks, I am that candidate.


Tom Fredricks