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I Believe the Children Are Our Future...



In the wake of yet another disturbed individual asserting himself in the tragic form of "mass killing" for no real observable cause, targeting our children like fish in a barrel, it is no surprise that the social media, as well as the mainstream media, and all areas in between are taking sides on "America's response".

Well...I am currently 6 days away from a state legislative election where I stand to be part and parcel to this debate.  Should I lay low?  Should I stay quiet for fear of losing votes? Is it too early to talk about?  Will I come off as callous and diminuitive toward a true tragedy? 


But here's the thing.  Our kids are being slaughtered...and it is getting worse.  We did this.  We created a world where dysfunctional youth, enamored with the desire to lash out, irrationally, and without due respect for the inalienable right to life, target...indiscriminately...the weakest and most defenseless among us.

And that will not stand.

Neither will socio-political inaction and endless debate...people are being killed senselessly, and now is a time for action.  So...where are we going with this?

The liberal agenda says "seize the guns!"  The immediate response..."don't give crazy people access".  Neither is a complete solution.  And neither can be done in the immediate.  We need a call to action right now!

And that is why I am doubling down.  Today, I am very proud to announce that in our humble House District 4 race, I have the rare and unusual endorsement of the 4.5 million member strong National Association of Gun Rights.  And I stand behind Will Ainsworth, candidate for Alabama Lieutenant Governor,  in his call to provide an enhanced security detail within our schools by authorizing trained, armed response in the form of competent, armed educators...the very people who instill our community and national values in and mold the development of our youth...second only to their parents and nuclear family.

Does that make me a "gun nut"?  My liberal friends would say yes.  But, frankly, I find firearms to be archaic and outdated.  Sure, we have nice composites and high strength alloys that enable lighter, more reliable hardware, and fancy optics and accessories that make guns cool to some, and scary to others, but we are still using dated technology to sling a piece of lead fast enough to penetrate and damage soft tissue for the purpose of incapacitating an aggressor.  That, folks, is old is dated, and we are probably going to be able to replace the firearm with a similar device that can be "set to stun" in the very near future.

In the meantime.  I will rely on my gun.  I will rely on the 2nd Amendment to protect my right to rely on my gun.  I will carry my gun, and God forbid I ever need it...but if that happens, I will use my gun.

We don't have the luxury of time.  Right now, we don't need to go on and on about which guns are good, and which are bad...or what we can do to change the mentality of our youth, and the increasing presence of mental instability in our midst.  We need to protect our children.  Those discussions will come in time...

Today, we need to get real.  We need to confront the threat to our youth with the tools at our disposal, and in the United States of America...we still have our guns.

And, on a side note, because I know full well that my convictions will be called out as political need to understand that my brother is the reason that the Von Braun Civic Center implemented it's "no gun" protocol after he attended a gun show there in 1991, when in haste reloading his weapon, he accidentally discharged a 9mm hollow point round point blank through his the hallway...where he immediately collapsed, spinal cord irreparably severed, and very nearly lost his life...leaving him paralyzed from the mid-torso down to this day.  Ironically, today, he has relinquished his disability benefits, he is a math and science middle school teacher in the Hardin Co., KY school system we were raised in, and will be eligible to retire in just a couple of years.  His entire adult life has been a challenge because of his own personal tragedy with a firearm.  Yet he stands, metaphorically, with me today in the fight to provide measured response.  If I have a question about guns, I go to my brother Dave.

In the hands of competent, willing, and proficient educators...those in immediate proximity to our children, we can stop this now, and the reward vastly outweighs the risks.

In the legislature, we need men of resolve and character, who can face uncomfortable situations and affect pragmatic and intelligent response under those conditions.  

Look at your candidates.  The contrast is clear.  The National Association of Gun Rights stands behind me.  You should too.  The lives of our Alabama children may very well hinge on our legislative effectiveness and resolve in the immediate future.

I need your vote February 27.  


Tom Fredricks